Essay Writing Mistakes

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Here are some of the mistakes that people make in writing:

Writing in the present or past tense is okay as long as once you have made the choice of which to use you remain consistent. An example of an incorrect sentence is:

John buys a car and then he drove to the zoo.
This sentence should be:

John buys a car and then he drives to the zoo.

John bought a car and then he drove to the zoo.
Although sometimes it is necessary to recount the story to make your point, do not make your passage merely a plot summary.  You need to make an analytical statement to show that you understood the story.
Instead of writing

Jim said that he was tired of trying to convince Jenifer to show a little concern and started to leave. She gazed at him regretfully as he left the room.

Consider writing an analysis like this to show how you understood the passage: Jenifer’s sadness as Jim left the room suggests that she felt a deep sense of loss for losing him.

You should only quote a passage if the writer said it so well that you cannot say it better. If you must use someone else’s work you need to use proper citation techniques to avoid plagiarizing.

Incomplete sentences are sentences that do not contain a subject and a verb. A writer may start a complex sentence and then forget to finish it.

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